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  • In 1927, W&M's mascot was a 17-inch alligator named Cal.
  • The Crim Dell was originally known as Landrum Pond.
  • Swem Library contains the second largest collection of books in the U.S. from the 16th century to the present about dogs.
  • Orange and white were W&M's original team colors.
  • Blow Hall's original use was as a gymnasium.
  • James Blair was W&M's inaugural president.
  • Virginia's tallest peak is named after MIT founder and W&M alumnus William Barton Rogers.
  • The Wren Building was destroyed by fire three times.
  • The first Greek-letter collegiate society was Phi Beta Kappa.
  • W&M's holly-burning tradition is the annual Yule Log celebration.
  • A must-have condiment for bread ends is House Dressing.
  • Today (March 26) is One Tribe One Day.
  • W&M's first Oscar-winning alum is Cord Jefferson ’04.
  • W&M is the top public school for internships.
  • "Annie Lisle" is the original name of the W&M Alma Mater tune.
  • Martha Barksdale was the first woman graduate of W&M.
  • William & Mary held its first Family Weekend, then called “Parents’ Day” in 1966.